Health Condition List

Prior to booking an appointment, please carefully review the Health Condition list below. Please reach out to us if ANY of the below apply to you as this service may not be suitable for you.

• Anyone who is allergic to pigmentation and make up. 
• Anyone with glaucoma and/or taking blood thinning medicines. 
• Anyone with skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis on the area to be treated.
• Anyone under 18 years of age. 
• Anyone with active skin cancer in the treated area. 
• Anyone who has experienced post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation. 
• Anyone with undiagnosed rashes or blisters on the treated area. 
• Anyone with transmittable blood conditions, for example Hepatitis or HIV. 
• Anyone who is diabetic. 
• Anyone who has mitral valve disorder or high blood pressure. 
• Anyone who is a hemophiliac. 
• Anyone with healing disorders. 
• Anyone taking skin medication such as antasure, ro-accutaine, and steroids which thin and make the skin become very sensitive.
• Anyone currently under or scheduled for radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment. 
• Any radiotherapy or chemotherapy must be no less than 42 days ago from the date of the treatment. 
• Anyone who is epileptic who has experienced faint spell or seizure. 
• Anyone who is pregnant and/or lactating. 
• Also, please notify us if you have/had allergic reactions to topical anesthetics.


$50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the appointment and must be received within 24 hours of booking. It will be credited towards the total amount that is due the same day of your appointment. The remainder of the balance is preferred to be paid by Cash, Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal.

  • Venmo: inkrediblebrows
  • Chase quick pay with “Zelle” using email address:
  • Paypal using email address: (List as Family/Friends) 

Late Arrivals

A grace period of 20 minutes is permitted starting at the time of the scheduled appointment. After 20 minutes have passed the appointment will be automatically canceled. Being late will create a delay in the schedule for the next client and there will not be enough time to complete the procedure. We want to spend the maximum amount of time with each of our clients to ensure the best results and satisfaction. The deposit associated with the appointment will be forfeited and any future appointments will require a new deposit.

If you are running more than 20 minutes late for a complimentary appointment, then your subsequent appointment will no longer be complimentary.

Cancelling & Rescheduling

All NO SHOWS & CANCELLATIONS will result in a loss of associated deposit. Requests to postpone or reschedule an appointment must be made at least 7 days in advance of the appointment date. Initial deposit may be transferred to a rescheduled appointment with proper notice a maximum of one time, after this a new deposit will be required. Failure to reschedule will result in a new deposit required for a future booking.


The procedure will not start until you have agreed on the shape that is flattering to your facial features. Please make sure you are completely satisfied with the shape and color you choose before the procedure begins and before leaving the studio. Once the decision is made, the look you chose will be final. After leaving our salon we are not responsible or liable for any changes you wish to make to your shape or color. Any desired changes made to the shape or color after leaving our salon will result in extra charges.

Everyone has different skin types and can respond to topical numbing and tattoo pigments differently. How much you bleed will affect the outcome result and therefore may require additional appointments to achieve the desired result.

Photos taken during and after your enhancement may be posted on Inkredible Brows’s social media and by us only (for marketing purposes, our pictures may appear on our social media websites and on our webpage).

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Our prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

A second session is recommended 4-8 weeks from the first initial session to ensure the desired result. Second session pricing will be determined on the timeframe you return. It is your responsibility to book this with enough notice within the timeframe. On rare occasions, a client may need a third or fourth session due to having a skin type that is more resistant. The client will be charged accordingly.

The touch up session is not to change the shape or color of the initial appointment. If you would like to change the shape of your enhancement during your touch up appointment, you will be charged accordingly for the service.

Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority! However, the results of your procedure is determined in part by the nature of your skin type. Also, factors such as medication you are currently taking, skin characteristics (dryness, oiliness, thickness, sun-damaged, color, chemically-damaged, etc.), natural skin undertones mixing with pigment color, personal pH balance of skin tanning booths, fruit acids, AHA’s, Retin A use, alcohol intake, smoking, sun exposure, improper skin care, and incorrectly following aftercare instructions can or may interfere with results. We cannot guarantee 100% successful results to our clients as everyone’s skin takes in permanent makeup differently. There are also no refunds once we have carried out services.